Transporting fruits and vegetables -
for a healthier future
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Transporting fruits and vegetables
The transportation of fruits and vegetables in ultra-fresh, fresh and frozen form is one of the main activities of Greenyard Logistics Poland. We carry out regular national and international deliveries for our business partners by road and sea. Find out how we organise the transport of fruits and vegetables to ensure the highest quality!
Principles of transporting fruits and vegetables
Transport of fruits and vegetables at Greenyard Logistics Poland
How is the transport of citrus fruit organised?
Requirements for transporting fruit in refrigerator trucks
Soft fruit and transport requirements

How is the transport of fresh fruit carried out at Greenyard Logistics Poland?

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Ensuring optimal conditions and the highest freshness of products are the main objectives of our company. We transport fresh fruits and vegetables nationally and internationally. We use our own logistics centres located in Poland and around the world. Our partners supply us with selected crops so that we can provide consumers with products of the highest quality.

The effort we put into developing our logistics processes gives us great satisfaction. We aim to increase the consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables while balancing the environmental impact of logistics. For this reason, the transport of fruits and vegetables at Greenyard Logistics Poland is always based on the highest quality standards.

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