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Warehouse in Gdańsk

Is your company planning to rent a warehouse in Gdańsk? Or do you need a 3PL partner to take over logistics tasks for you? At Greenyard Logistics Poland, we provide storage, forwarding, transport and distribution services by land and sea. Check out the possibilities that our warehouses in Gdańsk open up for your company!

Explore the Greenyard Logistics Poland warehouse in Gdańsk
We offer our partners 3 logistics centres in Poland, including one in Pomerania. The warehouse in Gdańsk on Kontenerowa Street offers an area of 1090 m2 for fresh products stored under a controlled temperature. We also have an area of 1950 m2 on Tama Pędzichowska Street for products that do not require a controlled temperature.

We also specialise in the supply of foodstuffs in frozen form. In order to meet consumers’ expectations, we carry out freezing, including blast freezing, in refrigerated warehouses in Gdańsk – on an area of 1430 m2 (Kontenerowa Street) and 9620 m2 + 3 blast chambers (110 m2) in the warehouse on Tama Pędzichowska Street. Such developed facilities for frozen and chilled products allow us to export and import food products in cooperation with major companies.
Why choose a warehouse for rent in Gdańsk?
Gdańsk has one of the largest warehouse spaces in Poland, and the number of vacant buildings is gradually decreasing. The development of warehouses for rent in Gdańsk is evident from the strong interest shown by investors who see great potential in this logistics area. Of key importance is of course the seaport, which provides international connections to Scandinavian countries, Germany or other countries in Europe and the world.

In addition to access to port services, the refrigerated warehouse for rent in Gdańsk is advantageous in terms of access to major routes. The S6, S7 and A1 roads connected to Poland’s most important transit routes facilitate quick and easy transport of goods. It is worth bearing in mind that the provision of warehouse space for investors is closely linked with access to the highest quality roads and inter-regional connections. This allows the company to grow and deliver products to consumers in a shorter time.
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Take advantage of the potential of warehouses in Gdańsk!
Greenyard Logistics Poland offers warehouse space for your business. You can choose a refrigerated warehouse in Gdańsk or space for products without temperature requirements. Take advantage of our warehousing and logistics services in Gdańsk. Feel free to contact us!