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Food storage
The process of supplying, storing and distributing food products relies on specialist knowledge and appropriate logistics facilities. The ability to coordinate all elements of the chain is crucial for Greenyard Logistics Poland. Our focus is on matching our product range to our business partners and providing them with a comprehensive 3PL service. Learn about the essence of food storage in warehouses!
Why are fruits and vegetables stored in specialised food warehouses?
What foods are stored at Greenyard Logistics Poland?
What features should a food warehouse have?
Principles of temperature-controlled food storage
The consequences of incorrect food storage
At Greenyard Logistics Poland, we are committed to ensuring a healthier future for consumers by providing nutritious and wholesome plant products and fruit. We are well aware of the consequences of storing foodstuffs in the wrong way.
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Benefits of a 3PL system for food product management
Greenyard Logistics Poland can be your partner in 3PL logistics. This is nothing more than Third-Party Logistics, which involves delegating logistical tasks (transport, storage, distribution) to another company. Storage in warehouses in the most important areas of Poland provides our partners with quick access to selected products. An extensive distribution network based on deep relationships with suppliers will translate into increased confidence in your company.
Food storage at Greenyard Logistics Poland
Transport, forwarding and port activities of Greenyard Logistics Poland
Your partner for storage and transport of food products