Frozen storage -
for a healthier future
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Frozen food storage

Access to fruits and vegetables outside the harvest season is possible thanks to the right storage conditions. For centuries, freezing has been one of the best ways to store fresh and processed foods. They retain their flavour, colour and nutritional value. Find out how we at Greenyard Logistics Poland approach the storage and transport of frozen food!

Key principles of frozen food storage
Maintaining freshness, quality and preventing microbial proliferation are the most important objectives of the freezing process.
Frozen fruit
Cold storage warehouse vs. freezer warehouse
The main focus of our company’s activities is on vegetable assortments, vegetables and fruit stored in freezer and refrigerated conditions. <strong>Two types of space are therefore needed to ensure optimal conditions: a cold storage warehouse and a freezer warehouse</strong>. What are their characteristics?
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Do you expect the highest quality of service, fast order processing and a comprehensive frozen goods service? We will manage your logistics according to the principles of the 3PL system and help you in the process of goods receipt, freezing, storage and forwarding. Now you can profit even more with a partner who provides services to some of the world’s largest companies. Use the available forms of contact and find out about the entire offer today!